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Adult, Internet, Firearms, Bad Credit, Subscription, Travel, IT, Vape & E-cigarettes, Tech Support, Smoke shop, Nutraceuticals, Website Design, Pawn Shops, MOTO, plus many more

Merchant Services of New York

In order for merchants to have the ability to accept credit cards for their retail business transactions, they must first set up a retail merchant account. NY Merchant Services makes opening a retail merchant services account to accept credit card payments at your business both simple and inexpensive.

NY Merchant Services has a nationwide credit card processing network that operates through various processing banks to provide retail merchant accounts with reliable service. We have become one of the most competitive credit card machine processing companies in the industry without compromising quality. Funds are deposited, in most cases, ACH direct deposit within 48 hours to merchants bank account.

By opening a retail merchant account at NY Merchant Services, you will be able to accept all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Debit, Checks, and Ebt through your credit card machine or virtual terminal.

NYC Merchant Services is your one stop source for machine equipment and software for your credit card processing terminal payment system. We even offer a merchant account that operates using a virtual terminal interface through the web, for the following types of transactions:

  • CNP - card not present
  • MOTO - Mail Order Telephone Order

We offer merchant account services for retail, restaurant, kiosk, wireless, home based, mail / phone order, internet business and websites, high-risk businesses.

If you are a small retail business or a business with a high volume of credit card processing transactions we can help you accept credit cards and lower processing fees. We support a variety of technology terminals for merchant accounts and can reprogram a credit card machine terminal with no setup cost.

NY Merchant Services will help you to find the best solution for your business. We invite you to call with any credit card processing questions you may have regarding the setting up of your Visa Mastercard merchant account services and any technical questions on merchant processing terminal machine equipment & software.

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High-Risk Businesses We Work With

Adult Entertainment
Adult Store
Attorney's Office
Bad Credit History
Bail Bonds
Call Center
Closed Accounts
Credit Repair
Dating & Personals Websites
Debt Consolidation
Declined or Denied
Diet Programs
Educational Seminars
Escort Services
Gun & Firearms
Health Club
High Ticket
High Volume
Home Inspections
IRS/Tax Resolution
IT Software Service
Life Coaching
Loan Modifications
Magazine Sales
Mail Order Telephone Order (MOTO)
Medical Collections
Medical Marijuana
Moving Companies
Multi-level Marketing (MLM)
Offshore & International
Online Wine & Spirits
Pawn Shops
Payday Loans
Replica Products
SEO Services
Smoke Shop
Software and E-Books
Strip Clubs
Student Loan Modification
Subscription Services
Tech Support
Tobacco & Cigars
Travel & Timeshares
Vape & E-cigarettes
Website Design/Hosting
Wedding Services

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What Are Interchange Fees?

Interchange fees are charges imposed by the credit card-issuing bank (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX) upon the merchant's bank account every time a customer uses a credit or debit card to make a purchase. These rates are charged by every credit card issuing bank and are the same for everyone.

These fees will vary according to the type of card used, credit or debit, or if they are rewards cards.

Card Type Interchange Settlement Fee
Debit Retail Swipe    
Visa Debit CPS 0.800 % 15¢
MC Debit 1.050 % 15¢
Debit Keyed    
Visa Debit CPS 1.650 % 15¢
MC Debit 1.600 % 15¢
Credit Retail Swipe    
Visa CPS Retail 1.510 % 10¢
Visa Rewards Traditional 1.650 % 10¢
MC Consumer 1.580 % 10¢
MC Enhanced 1.730 % 10¢
Credit Keyed    
Visa Keyed CPS Retail 1.800 % 10¢
Visa Keyed Rewards Traditional 1.950 % 10¢
MC Keyed Consumer 1.890 % 10¢
MC Keyed Enhanced 2.040 % 10¢

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How quickly can I start accepting credit cards?

This will depend greatly on your type of business or services you offer - basically, your risk profile.

The lower the risk, the faster you'll get approved.

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